About Us

The Early Days...

It all started in the spring of 1991 when Jim Byrne and Dennis Schmidt set out to produce a humorous greeting card line. The business was born out of a love of humor and a desire to share that humor with the world. They came up with 23 different greeting card designs for the first run. Jim had written the funny concepts and Dennis illustrated the cards. Mock drawings were shown to area stores and 30 retailers signed up to receive the first cards as soon as they were printed. The new greeting card line was called Byrne & Schmidt Greetings. In a few years, the name would be changed to Raspberries.

In the late nineties Byrne and Schmidt forged a relationship with Recycled Paper Greetings that would last 20 years. A book of cartoons called This End Up was created in 2009. Over the years, the creative duo would produce a few hundred different card designs.

The Next Chapter...

The greeting card industry changed a great deal over the years. Perhaps, what changed the most was the way that Raspberries and Art Tree Greeting Cards were made available to the public. It had become increasingly difficult for small independent retail shops to compete. Cardvarks.com is our attempt to reach out and embrace our customers directly.

Andrea Noble and Jim Byrne found Art Tree Greetings in the fall of 2015. Our love of art and undying support for artists was the impetus for starting the Art Tree Greetings project. Bucky Jones and Anthony Schmidt lend their artistic talent to the cause. The Raspberries brand spawns Snickers Stickers. Snickers Stickers is a humorous line of vinyl die-cut stickers.


Our Mission is to help spread laughter and love.

Thank you so much for supporting us in doing what we love to do - Jim Byrne